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RRRL28b: FUN! Short, Guided, Self-Reiki Meditation to Help You Let Loose and Have Fun With Life!

This is a short, guided companion meditation on my podcast episode 28, “Have Fun and Let Loose with Reiki.”  Although listening to that episode is not required to do this meditation, you might find it helpful to do so, so you can understand the full reason for this meditation. You do NOT have to be a Reiki practitioner to enjoy this meditation, simply ignore the Reiki instructions given in the meditation to enjoy it. Join me, as we journey and have fun dancing and letting LOOSE  in this fun meditation!

RRRL28: Have Fun and Let Loose with Reiki!

Welcome! In this really fun episode, we are going to explore ways we can have more fun with Reiki. Reiki doesn’t always have to be a deep, spiritual practice to clear out blocks, or help us through painful episodes! Although Reiki is WONDERFUL for these things,  life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, and with this gift of life and reiki from God/the universe, the same applies! I am a firm believer that there needs to be balance in all things, and this is also how the universe operates. How many of you feel you need to bring more fun into your reiki practice, or just more fun in life, period?

Join me in this episode, where we discover FUN ways to incorporate reiki into our lives.

RRRL:18b Guided Meditation to Help Ease the Symtpoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder/Feelings of Sadness/Anxiety/Depression

In this guided meditation, we start off by doing a short breath work exercise, where we concentrate on releasing, expanding, and filling ourselves with beautiful, healing, Divine light. Later, we visit a sacred beach, where we meet with a divine, loving Being who further offers healing light and love. After this meditation, you will feel peaceful, loved, safe, cared for, and your worries, whatever they may be, will hopefully no longer have as much power over you. Modifications are given to those who are attuned to Reiki, and this meditation can be done by anyone, regardless if you have been attuned to Reiki, or not. This is my gift to you, because I also suffer with SAD, and was unable to find any meditations out there that were geared specifically towards this, or that resonated with me. I hope you enjoy it, and hope that it helps you to find much deserved peace and healing.

As always, I am not a doctor, or mental health professional, so please consult with any of these professionals if you suffer from this disorder. The purpose of this meditation is not to try and diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure SAD. Rather, it is to hopefully be used in conjunction with any professional help you might already be receiving.

RRRL:18 Lightworkers! Is Seasonal Affective Disorder Knocking on Your Door?

Seasonal affective disorder also known as (SAD) is a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons — SAD begins and ends at about the same times every year. If you’re like most people with SAD, your symptoms start in the fall and continue into the winter months, sapping your energy and making you feel moody. As lightworkers, whether you suffer from SAD, or not, this disorder effects us in many ways. Listen to this episode to gain more information on this disorder, and how you can help yourself if you do suffer from it. Check out the companion meditation after this episode, designed specifically to help ease the symptoms of this disorder, or depression in general. As always, these podcasts are not meant to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any diseases or health concerns. Please seek professional help for any and all health concerns.

RRRL:17 How to Increase Your Reiki Business, and Host a Reiki Share

Hey, everyone! In this episode, I will go over why you would want to host a Reiki share, and will provide tips and tricks of what what has worked for me when hosting my Reiki shares. I also will go over what I do, and what I include,  in my own Reiki shares, to hopefully inspire, and give you new ideas of how you can make hosting a Reiki share an EASY,  fun, rewarding, and beautiful way to help promote your Reiki business.

RRRL:16 Am I Still Practicing Reiki? 5th Dimensional Energy and Reiki. How Does it Fit Together?

In this somewhat controversial episode, we will discuss higher frequencies of energy, and how it all fits in with Reiki. And, are we still practicing Reiki when other energies become accessible and involved? What happens when these energies show up in our healing sessions? How can/ does this changes things for us as Reiki healers?

This is a deep, advanced subject on 5th dimensional energy and frequencies, for those who are already familiar with advanced healing energies,  and in this episode, we won’t be explaining what 3rd, 4th, or 5th dimensional energies are, or the theories behind it in detail. Because there is so much to these concepts that we cannot possibly cover in one episode, if you’re not familiar with these theories or concepts, please educate yourself with the many online resources available to help get the most of this podcast episode.

RRRL14b: Guided, Self-Reiki Companion Meditation to Episode 14a: Balancing, Healing, and Clearing Your Auric Space

This is a guided, self-reiki meditation for balancing, healing, and clearing your aura, as discussed in episode 14a. Although listening to the prior episode is not required, you might find it more helpful to understand what the purpose of this meditation is by listening to it if you can.

You might find it helpful to have a bottle of your favorite relaxing essential oil with you, such as lavender, sage, palo santo, or lemon, as we will be using these as aromatherapy during the breathing part of this meditation.

The blue light used   in this meditation is a solid color for protection and will help with aura strengthening, while the golden ball and flecks of gold will help with aura cleansing. Having the blue light balanced around you will help to bring your aura into balance, and even out your energies while smoothing out any holes and causing them to be sealed as the energies balance.

Breathing in white light pulls clean and pure energy into you, while exhaling the black helps you to expel negative energies. Please note that black is not actually a negative color, however with the psychological view society has placed on the color, it does tend to work quite well for this purpose.

For this meditation, you do not want to be lying down, as you need access to all sides of your body. As always, this meditation is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical issues or diseases, and be sure to only do this meditation with no distractions, such as driving, or pets and children getting in the way.

RRRL14: The Power of Your Space. Maintaining Your Space and Energy Field.

In this episode, we will be discussing what we carry in our space, and we will also do a short auria awareness technique that you can do pretty much anywhere, that will help you tune in and identify what you are holding in your space. We will also learn how what we carry in our space and auara, contributes to our health, well-being, etc.

As in almost all my episodes, I will be providing a free, companion meditation for clearing your aura. (I also have a full, guided, self-reiki, chakra balancing meditation in episode 4)

The YouTube link for the video mentioned in this episode is:

RRRL14: Aloha, from Beautiful Maui, Hawaii! Are You a Halloween Fan?

Aloha! This is a very short episode today, as I am here in Maui, Hawaii, for work and for pleasure. I am filming ocean footage for some of the meditations from my podcast to publish on to Youtube. This is my first time ever visiting Hawaii, and I am having a blast with my two dear friends, Gaby and Teresa!

In this episode, with the gentle, rolling surf in the background, I ask you to let us know  if you do or do not like Halloween, and why. I give my reasons in this episode,  as to why I do not enjoy Haloween anymore, and ask all listeners to please send me an email to:, or go to my website at: www.realreikireallifecom and submit a voice mail with the recording widget on my website, of why you do or do not enjoy Halloween.

I am offering a free, 45-minute distant healing Reiki session for those who respond, in a drawing which I will announce on the November 1st, 2016  episode. Thank you for participating! The unique, interactive part of this show is made possible by listeners like you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3

RRRL13b: Companion Ritual/Meditation to Episode 13 to Connect To Your Client Before Reiki Sessions

This ritual/meditation is done when you have a client you are going to see, and is best performed at least 15 minutes before they arrive. The meditation itself is about 10 minutes long, but the total length of the meditation and ritual, is about 15 minutes long. 

 This meditation/ritual  will help develop psychic abilities, and help you center and ground yourself into the Reiki energy before your client arrives, and it will also help you serve your client’s in a more  profound, and refined way.

Before beginning this meditation, you will need to clear your space and aura in your preferred way. This is very important, as you do not want any other energy interfering with any messages you get. 

 Also, you will want to have a paper and pen handy.

Practice, practice, practice! You may not get much information on the first try, but the more you do this before your client’s appointments, the easier things will flow, and the easier it will be to hear the messages you need to hear in order to serve your client in the highest good.