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RRRL30B: Guided Meditation to When It Feels Like Your Intuition Has Deserted You (Self-Reiki Modifications Given)

“As we walk the spiritual path, we all have periods when it feels like our intuition has deserted us. It can be a scary, disconcerting thing when this happens. This is a companion meditation to realreikireallife podcast episode 31, “Has Your Intuition Deserted You? How to Process When this Happens.” The podcast episode goes deeper in helping you determine why this happens, and ways to move through it. Although listening to the podcast episode is not required before doing this meditation, it is best to be in a space of where you know you are feeling disconnected from your intuition,  to help process through this transition. Anyone from any background can do this meditation, and instructions for Reiki practitioners will be given throughout the meditation.

RRRL31: Has Your Intuition Temporarily Deserted You? How to Process When This Happens

In this episode, we are going to discuss that all too common circumstance, where it feels like your intuition has deserted you. It can be a bit disconcerting when it happens, and this episode will help you process this in a way that is right for you. Check out the companion meditation in the next episode, to help you move through this process when it happens (and it does happen!) with clarity of mind.