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RRRL15a: Words of Encouragement and Inspiration for Lightworkers During These Challenging Times

Words of encouragement and inspiration to all lightworkers! In this episode, we will discuss the challenging task we have as lightworkers, in continually healing ourselves, even during this time of political unrest. Is it too much to bear? Do you just want to throw in the towel because it is so difficult?  How can we as lightworkers, keep the motivation and strength to do what we have been called to do? Join me, Patricia Keane, in this healing and inspiring episode in managing our own energy, as well as the energy around us, and gaining much-needed healing and inspiration during this challenging time.

The companion meditation to this episode will be uploaded in a couple of days.


RRRL14b: Guided, Self-Reiki Companion Meditation to Episode 14a: Balancing, Healing, and Clearing Your Auric Space

This is a guided, self-reiki meditation for balancing, healing, and clearing your aura, as discussed in episode 14a. Although listening to the prior episode is not required, you might find it more helpful to understand what the purpose of this meditation is by listening to it if you can.

You might find it helpful to have a bottle of your favorite relaxing essential oil with you, such as lavender, sage, palo santo, or lemon, as we will be using these as aromatherapy during the breathing part of this meditation.

The blue light used   in this meditation is a solid color for protection and will help with aura strengthening, while the golden ball and flecks of gold will help with aura cleansing. Having the blue light balanced around you will help to bring your aura into balance, and even out your energies while smoothing out any holes and causing them to be sealed as the energies balance.

Breathing in white light pulls clean and pure energy into you, while exhaling the black helps you to expel negative energies. Please note that black is not actually a negative color, however with the psychological view society has placed on the color, it does tend to work quite well for this purpose.

For this meditation, you do not want to be lying down, as you need access to all sides of your body. As always, this meditation is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical issues or diseases, and be sure to only do this meditation with no distractions, such as driving, or pets and children getting in the way.

RRRL14: The Power of Your Space. Maintaining Your Space and Energy Field.

In this episode, we will be discussing what we carry in our space, and we will also do a short auria awareness technique that you can do pretty much anywhere, that will help you tune in and identify what you are holding in your space. We will also learn how what we carry in our space and auara, contributes to our health, well-being, etc.

As in almost all my episodes, I will be providing a free, companion meditation for clearing your aura. (I also have a full, guided, self-reiki, chakra balancing meditation in episode 4)

The YouTube link for the video mentioned in this episode is: