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RRRL14: Aloha, from Beautiful Maui, Hawaii! Are You a Halloween Fan?

Aloha! This is a very short episode today, as I am here in Maui, Hawaii, for work and for pleasure. I am filming ocean footage for some of the meditations from my podcast to publish on to Youtube. This is my first time ever visiting Hawaii, and I am having a blast with my two dear friends, Gaby and Teresa!

In this episode, with the gentle, rolling surf in the background, I ask you to let us know  if you do or do not like Halloween, and why. I give my reasons in this episode,  as to why I do not enjoy Haloween anymore, and ask all listeners to please send me an email to:, or go to my website at: www.realreikireallifecom and submit a voice mail with the recording widget on my website, of why you do or do not enjoy Halloween.

I am offering a free, 45-minute distant healing Reiki session for those who respond, in a drawing which I will announce on the November 1st, 2016  episode. Thank you for participating! The unique, interactive part of this show is made possible by listeners like you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3

RRRL13b: Companion Ritual/Meditation to Episode 13 to Connect To Your Client Before Reiki Sessions

This ritual/meditation is done when you have a client you are going to see, and is best performed at least 15 minutes before they arrive. The meditation itself is about 10 minutes long, but the total length of the meditation and ritual, is about 15 minutes long. 

 This meditation/ritual  will help develop psychic abilities, and help you center and ground yourself into the Reiki energy before your client arrives, and it will also help you serve your client’s in a more  profound, and refined way.

Before beginning this meditation, you will need to clear your space and aura in your preferred way. This is very important, as you do not want any other energy interfering with any messages you get. 

 Also, you will want to have a paper and pen handy.

Practice, practice, practice! You may not get much information on the first try, but the more you do this before your client’s appointments, the easier things will flow, and the easier it will be to hear the messages you need to hear in order to serve your client in the highest good.

RRRL13: Caller Q and A: Wanted: Reiki Tidbits and Tricks!

In this episode, we feature one of our listeners who left feedback asking for a show topic on Reiki tidbits and tricks that  listeners can’t live without. I share my top 3 tips of very many, that I cannot live without in my Reiki practice. Stay tuned to the next episode, Episode 13b, for the companion meditation/ritual of what I talk about in tip 1 and 2.

In the second half of this episode, I share a personal, inspiring  story of mine where I was taught a great lesson by someone most people would consider as rude and crusty. Do we have people we perceive as rude and crusty, in our lives? If so, what do they have to teach us? Are things about them really what they seem? Stay tuned to listen, to get tidbits of information on what these so-called rude and crusty, people  have to teach us.

RRRL12b: Self-Reiki Ho’oponopono and Cord-Cutting Meditation for Forgiveness of Others and Self

Welcome to this guided, under 30 minute, self-reiki meditation, for Reiki practitioners. In this meditation, we will be using the powerful frequencies of Reiki, the Reiki 2 or higher symbols, combined with the beautiful, yet powerful, Hawaiian forgiveness meditation called Ho’oponopono.

This is a companion meditation to episode 12, where we learned about letting go of unforgiveness , and how it can keep us from progressing in life, and as a healer. This meditation focuses on either you forgiving someone, or asking for forgiveness from someone else. You can also adapt this meditation to focus  forgiving yourself for a situation in your life which you are having trouble forgiving yourself. We also utilize a powerful cord cutting ceremony in this meditation, to truly free ourselves of any energetic cords that might be draining us, and contributing to unhappiness.

RRRL12: The Sacred Act of Forgiveness of Self, and Others, Using a Powerful Forgiveness Method Called Ho’opnopono

As healers, or as people who have embraced the spiritual path, we all know the importance of healing ourselves. One of the elements of healing ourselves is forgiveness ; forgiveness towards others, and forgiveness towards self.

In this episode will not be discussing so much as to  why it is important to forgive ourselves and others, (most of us know why this is important who have embraced this path)  but rather, we will be  focusing on how to go about doing so, utilizing a very powerful and healing Hawaiian method called Ho’oponopono.

We will be discussing this beautiful practice, and why it works so well, and in the companion episode, I will guide you through a meditation featuring an  adaptation of this meditation, where we will utilize the power of self-reiki, and also include cord cutting at the very end. This is a powerfully healing meditation that you do not want to miss!

RRL11b: Self-Reiki Companion Meditation to Episode 11: Healing Your Body Image

Welcome to this guided meditation, utilizing the healing energy of Reiki. This meditation is geared towards Reiki practitioners who are at least Reiki level 2, as we will be utilizing the power of these symbols throughout the meditation. If you are not attuned to Reiki, modifications will be given, and we ask that you please ignore the symbols mentioned , and simply place your hands where guided during the meditation.

This meditation is designed to help you overcome any body image issues you might be experiencing due to self-judgement or societal conditioning, and to help you step fully into your power, free of those limiting judgments, whatever they may be.

RRRL11: Overcoming Societal Conditioning and Judgment, If You’re an Overweight Healer, or a Healer With Body Image Issues

In this episode, I have a discussion with two very dear friends of mine, on a subject I believe is a very important one. This is the subject of, “Overcoming Societal Conditioning, Self-Judgment, and Judgment You Might Happen to Feel From Others, If You’re an Overweight Healer.”

We also discuss other aspects of body image, and offer tips and guidelines to hopefully help love and inspire anyone who suffers from poor body image.

As a bonus to this episode, stay tuned at the very end, where I include a blooper of all 3 of us, which will hopefully add some laughter to a very serious topic. This blooper was recorded at the very beginning of the episode, and took us over an hour to reground after experiencing it. I hope you enjoy it!

Also, as I do with many of my episodes, I offer a free, guided meditation for reiki practitioners, with modifications for those not attuned to reiki, in helping to heal and free yourself of poor body image. Please check out that free, powerful companion meditation, utilizing the healing energy of reiki, and visualization. It will be posted on the following episode. This is one meditation you do not want to miss!