Monthly Archives: August 2016

RRRL07b: Standalone or Companion Meditation to Episode 7-Managing Stress or Retrograde Energies

Powerful, standalone or companion meditation to episode 7, where Patricia takes you on a virtual visit to the beach, utilizing the power of visualization to help promote a feeling of wellness and empowerment during intense, planetary energetic energies, or just during times of high-stress.

RRRL07: Managing Retrograde Energies With Visualization to Empower Yourself

In this episode, Patricia discusses the retorgrage energies currently out there, and helps you find effective ways to empower yourself during times of intense energies using the power of visualizations. Free, powerful companion meditation is given on the next episode!

RRRL06: As an empath, lightworker, or healer are you stuck in people-pleaser mode?

In this episode, Patricia discusses the various ways we might be stuck  in people-pleaser mode, and walks you through an effective method of learning how to set boundaries, so you can free yourself of giving and draining too much of yourself because of people-pleasing.

RRRL05: Overcoming FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) to Speak Your Truth

As lightworkers, a common theme amongst us is FEAR. (False Evidence Appearing Real.) There are many reasons why we resort to FEAR when it comes to speaking our truth, and shining our light, and in this episode, Patricia helps you identify what your fears might be, and gives loving inspiration to help you overcome those fears.

RRRL04: Self-Reiki Guided Chakra Balancing and Clearing Meditation for Reiki Practitioners

This meditation is geared towards new and  experienced Reiki practitioners, to help them establish a consistent, self-Reiki practice. In this meditation, we use Reiki symbols if you are attuned to them, as well as the powerful combination of affirmations and “I am” mantras for each of our seven main chakras. This guided Reiki  meditation will leave you feeling de-stressed, relaxed, and more able to take on your day.